13 May, 2008

ichy ichy ichy

I got some crazy rash all over my left arm which then spread to my stomach and then to my back. I was told by many local people that there isn't any plant here that causes an allergic reaction so I was confused and a little worried. I mean, if there wasn't anything I could be allergic to then just what the hell is spreading all over my body!

After a little research and inquiring in the town (PG), Dawn found out that prickly heat is very common during this time of year and it is common for the heat rash to start out on an arm. It was suggested that I put prickly pear cactus with a little water in the blender to make a paste and apply liberally to help with the itch. I did just that andput it all over the itchy parts. Amy and Brad came back from the field and there I was stretched out on my porch with my Ipod blaring; trying to relax. After a quick photo session complete with Doctor Amy "helping" to re-apply the slime I was ready to wash it off! but I held off for another hour just for good measure.

After a couple of days of applying the bright green slime as well as soaking in the river for a couple hours a day, it is now gone...for the time being.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to this blog, we are now all itching. Glad you are not anymore! From Indiana!