27 April, 2008

Trip to PG

Punta Gorda (PG) is an hour bus ride from the village. B, A, Jamie and I went for the day. It was my first relaxing "free" day off the farm. Previously I have gone into PG, but always on a mission and with one of the little girls. This time was adults only (age wise not maturity level, mind you).

We headed out at 6AM in order to hike to the village so we could catch the 7Am bus into the town. Once in PG, we went to the open market and drooled over all the luscious fresh fruits and vegetables and then headed to Deja Brew for coffee and breakfast.

After a little comparison shopping for material so I could make me a skirt (soooo much cooler than pants here), we passed an "open thrift store". I haggled on an Old Navy brand cute dress and just when I almost had him down to 5.00 (US 2.50) the guy took a closer look and once seeing the brand name stuck to his original 7.00. I passed on the dress and then found a really funky skirt (purple and blue circle things on it) which he let me have for 5.

After buying homemade "SPICY" tortilla chips and some long needles (to make baskets with) we were on our way to get a COLD beer. The bars were already loud and full of rowdy men and it was only 11 AM so we ducked into a Chinese restaurant for 3.00 stouts.
After that we were starving and even as a vegetarian, I am not willing to eat Chinese food in a foreign country. We headed to Gomier's Restaurant where we knew I could get a good ole' tofu burger or other incredibly yummy vegetarian fare and we were not disappointed. After scarfing down some tofu curry it was almost time to catch the bus back.

We wandered down the main road to the bus stop, although you could basically stand anywhere on the bus route and flag them down. Using B and A's bar knowledge, we wandered into a sea front bar and downed another before the bus arrived.
Successfully hiking back in the dark, we brought Christopher the tortilla chips and mozzarella cheese he requested and he whipped up some of the best nachos I have ever tasted...which could be due to the fact that I have not had nachos in about 2 years or that without refrigeration cheese of any kind on the farm is a luxury or even that it was a perfect snack to end a perfect day, but regardless, they were superb and the day a big hit! I am ready to do it again in the near future!

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