28 April, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee...

Any morning is nice to wake up to brewing coffee...unfortunately on Sunday's it's also nice to relax and not have to walk to the kitchen, start the fire in the stove just to heat some water. Also, Sunday mornings are nice family time for the Nesbitt's without interns, teachers, or volunteers roaming about.

Brad found this cooking contraption and brought it to our houses. Basically you put burning material (corn husks, dry grass, sticks, etc.) in the side hole of the big can and then the heat goes up through the top of the other can which heats the small pot of water sitting on it. After trying for about 20 minutes to get the thing lit and moving it from place to place (so the smoke wouldn't go into my house or B&A's house and not on a wee wee ant path) I set it down and within 5 minutes or less, I had a boiling pot of good ole' H2O. Add some powdered milk and instant coffee and wahla, the breakfast of champions and computer geeks alike.

It was only 7AM so I settled down in my hammock with my luscious hot beverage and began the finishing process of my latest basket. What a morning!

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