01 April, 2008

art class in the village

Today E and I went into the Village to attend an art class at the 2nd grade class in the local school. It is held every Tuesday from 1:15 to 2:15. Since it was the first day for us to actually have a timed agenda, we ran late and we were taken halfway to the village in the dori (canoe) and then we hoofed it the rest of the way. We got there just as art time was starting. It was really cool for me to be in that environment; a classroom full of Mayan children. The art project consisted of painting designs on large rocks the kids had gathered earlier. Since we were not aware of the project before hand, we scooted out to the road next to the school to find a cool one.

Rock in hand we headed back to the classroom and E found her friend Carmaleeta and started in on hers. I just toured the classroom checking out the posters and watching the children. Because of my different appearance (light skin, blue eyes, pants) I was constantly being checked out. I decided to jump in and goof around with the kids so they would see me as a human instead of a freakish lump sitting on a bench. Pretending to pour paint on their heads (as I refilled the containers); guessing that the obvious bird a little guy was painting was a fish, etc. seemed to do the trick.

After art class was over, we thanked everyone and left the school. A very interesting day!

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