21 March, 2008

Trip into TOWN

Yesterday was an adventure for me. There is now 2 groups here. In addition to the PermaCulture group of 8, 10 highschool art students from New Jersey arrived with their teacher a couple days ago. Yesterday morning I was informed (in a whispered voice as not to alarm anyone) that we were out of coffee. E and I would need to go into Punta Gorda to get more. Under “normal” situations this would be a relatively simple task…go to the town and buy some coffee, but then I am not living under “normal” circumstances. I am in a place where the toilet (if I choose not to use the nearest tree) is around 150 steps from my “house” and the kitchen is a whopping 250, all thorough a forest of trees and plants.

The Village (San Pedro Columbia - SPC) is a 45 minute walk from the Ranch and is where the truck is kept. The town, (Punta Gorda - PG) is a 30 minute (roughly) drive from SPC. After explaining how to get the coffee (plan A), Dawn handed me her keys, a map and a paper explaining plan B and a couple other supplies needed. Plan A goes as follows:

Drive the truck to PG
Find the phone place and buy a calling card
Call the company and order 10 lbs. of coffee – this is where it gets tricky…
The Company is in Belize City will have to put the coffee on the next plane and send it to PG – I in turn was to put a check on the next plane out of PG headed to Belize City for them to pick up.
All seemed well, it was noon and we headed to Tropic Air to see when the next plane would arrive. When informed that it would arrive at 1:30 I was feeling pretty good. We walked around the town, picked up the misc. products needed (repaired the tire on the truck – not on the list) and headed back to the airport. The coffee did not come in on that flight, so with the next one due to arrive at 3:30, we headed back to town to try to kill 2 hours. We ended up at the shore and went to a coffee shop to hang out and then back to the airport at 3:30.

When the flight finally came in at 4:15, we were informed that the coffee was not on that flight either and after a phone call to Tropic Air in Belize City found out that it would not be sent until the next day…the “why” was a mystery yet unsolved. Plan B was put into action. Back into the town to search for a coffee bag with a gold foil package. Not the green foil one, nor the gold with the tropical flowers, but just plain gold. At 20$ a bag, I realized why they get their coffee flown in from Belize City! Coffee in hand we finally set out for home.

Drove back to SPC, parked the truck and trudged on hungry and thirsty (I had to use the last of the water we brought to clean the windshield) down the winding hilly trail back to the farm. We arrived at the river and after artfully crossing it without getting the supplies wet we dove in to cool off. Refreshed and dripping wet, we hiked up to the hill to the house, handed over the goods a short trek to my house and I fell into my hammock and crashed until dinner. One adventure after another.

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