28 March, 2008

scary movies in the rain forest

A group of us watched a movie the other night (on my computer). The movie was called "I am Legend" with Will Smith about a virus that wipes out almost all the human population. It was kind of cool until I picked up the movie case and saw that it had zombie-like mutants in it. I exclaimed “is this a scary movie?” and was informed that it wasn’t really scary, but it indeed had its moments. Since the movie is filmed completely in New York City, I figured it was safe for me to watch without getting all freaked out sleeping alone in my house in the forest.

I was in the process of warning my movie companions that I am a jumper and arm flinger when something on the movie made me do just that; flinging my arms both directions hitting Kat and Christopher and making the others jump with my loud yelp. The evening continued that way; me jumping, yelling (a scream now and then) and arms flailing. A couple nights before when we were telling scary stories from our past, Christopher sneaked behind his wife and put his face next to hers, causing her to jump and smack him in the face unintentionally with her right hand. Christopher then wanted to go to one of the dorm houses and scare a student that was staying here. He was forbidden to do so, but his evil throaty deep voice saying “Brittney, Brittney” was freaking us all out.

As the movie dragged on and the mutants finally showing face I noticed that Christopher was not beside me anymore. We were watching the movie off the outside kitchen in a small common area open to the dark night. The chicken’s area was behind the bench Kat and I were sitting on and I yelled that if Christopher was in the chicken pen, then he better come out because if he scares me, I will be on the next flight back to the states. Not wanting to loose his teacher of 3 weeks, he complied and sat somewhat quietly next to me for the rest of the movie.

Walking back to my house was fine, since I was not thinking of the mutants (who only came out at night) but the next evening it was just getting dark so I was using my flashlight on the trail as I headed up to the kitchen. I was thinking of the mutants and how dumb the movie was (especially the ending), when I saw a ghostly figure right in front of me. I jumped with both feet and then landed and went down in a crouched position with a loud scream. It was just Dawn walking to the toilet without a light. She was cracking up and I felt so stupid; especially when I arrived in the large common area and everyone wanted to know what I screamed about.

No more scary movies for me!

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