14 March, 2008

Everything here is amazing!!!

Everything here is amazing!!!

All the electricity on the property and houses are run by solar panels, even the wireless internet. It is so cool. No electric bill for them. Cords are hooked up to the solar panels which are then run into the house into switches for the lights or outlets. If there isn't much sun some days, then the lights aren't very bright or maybe the internet doesn't run good since the internet takes up a lot of power.

The food is INCREDIBLE! Vegetarian with lots of rice and beans. yum! Since there is a class here, there are two local (mayan) women who are cooking for everyone.

My house is one room and not only does it not have screens on the windows, it doesn't even have windows! The 4 walls are only halfway up so I have a 360 degree view of the rainforest. The roof is really high and made out of leaves. You really wouldn't believe it! Not only can Tarzan swing into my room, he can bring Jane and Cheetah's whole family too! I have a bed in the room and a small shelf, but other than that nothing else. I have tied a rope from one end to the other and flung all my clothes over that.

My creative juices are flowing though, so I will have something figured out soon to give me more organizational capacity.

The girls are really sweet and my nanny skills are more useful now than teaching skills as they both vie for everyone’s attention. They are always surrounded by adults and when there is a group, they both act silly and try to get a laugh or just attention from anyone. So far, I have had class with both of them in the mornings from 8 – 12. It seems long, but we have silly time, running time, snack time and spend the last hour reading. They call me teacher all the time, so I am working with them on calling me teacher while we are “in the classroom” and Melinda when school is over.

The classes are held on my porch which doesn’t have anything but a hammock and an old wooden bed frame leaning against the house, which Christopher said he was going to take away. I set the bed frame upright and put the chalkboard on it, added the step from my house and the one from the house across from mine and had a makeshift desk for them both.

I took photos of everything, but will not be able to post them until I have mom send me my charger…until then you will just have to try and imagine how it is.

My house is down a trail from the main house and kitchen. The toilets are self decomposing, so that means when you do #1 or #2 you then throw a handful of compost on it, (like rice hulls or other organic matter). The toilets are good for a couple of years (the refuse just goes into a large hole in the ground). After a couple of years the pee and poop will have mixed with the compost and it can be used as fertilizer. It doesn’t stink at all! Even when you shit, since it falls so far (the toilets are high off the ground) and you cover it in immediately when you dump a handful of the rice hulls into the toilet.

There is a couple living in the “house” next to mine. They are from the US and are here volunteering for a year on the farm. I am really glad that they are here since my house is kind of a long walk through the forrest and it would be kind of strange being all alone out there. Well, the internet is going out, so I will have to get online again in a couple more days...

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