23 February, 2008

oh shit!

I am going to Belize in 2 weeks. (I now need to be there on the 8th so I can attend a permaculture class on the farm which starts on the 9th). I want to know what they do there since I will be living on the property. I will work with the girls during the day and attend the farm classes in the evenings and weekends (the class is for 2 weeks).

I am freaking about a bit right now...I have been so busy packing, shipping stuff and making travel plans that the hectic pace seemed like old times (when I worked like a slave for the rich). But now I have basically done all I can and am just sitting back watching a flick and having a glass of wine and eating popcorn (which I have been craving for for about a year!) and the realization has settled in...I am going to Belize in 14 days. I am now sitting in the middle of the mountains in the cold and snow but in 14 days I will be sitting in a middle of the rain forest.

What the hell is my purpose in life? what ever it is it is taking me in amazing places and forcing my mind to be open and adaptive to anything and everything.

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