22 February, 2008

I am going to live in Belize.

Three days ago, if asked, I would have said that I was going to work as a personal assistant for the president of a company in Pakistan. I had been conversing via email for about a month and was totally confident that I would have the job. Two days ago, I woke up and had one of my “in your face” moments where it was perfectly clear that I should go to either Central or South America. I have learned that there is no use to ignore these thoughts, so I promptly logged onto Idealist.org (international job website) and clicked on the vacancies in that region. The 2nd job posting on the site was for a teacher in Belize and as I opened it up, I began to get excited. As I read through the job description stating “REMOTE area”, and “VEGAN kitchen” and “2 little girls”, I knew it was for me. My desire was further confirmed when I checked out their website and saw that I would be living in a rainforest near a river (which is the local highway) and on an organic sustainable farm. I started sobbing because I KNEW I belonged there.

After pouring my heart and soul into a CV and Cover Letter, I sent it off…and impatiently waited for a response…the hours clicked away until I finally checked to see what time zone they were (same as KS!) so it was not even morning there yet. I decided to follow up on some advice I was given a while ago. My friend said that if I reeeeeeeeally want something to meditate on it and for a job to send out all my spirit energy, angels, or whatever you call it and tell the potential employer that I am the perfect person for the job. There is a tee pee or tipi as its spelled here on the property that is used for spiritual and meditation exercises. I had this nagging desire to go meditate in there every since I got here, but never really wanted to for some reason. Well yesterday morning when I had not heard back from the job, I went to the tipi, lit a fire inside and started meditating. I guess I should explain that I have figured out that cleaning is my preferred form of meditation. When I have a problem, I attack the kitchen with a force like nothing else and within a couple hours, my problem is solved and the kitchen is shinning. It was known that when I am cleaning like a madwoman, it’s best to just leave me alone and let me finish.

Well that tipi has never been cleaned like that before. I probably even scrubbed out all the spiritual energy floating around! After the cleaning, I settled down on a mat and just thought about living in Belize. I pictured myself there among the trees and near the river; playing with the girls and working in the garden. I then told the owners over and over in my mind that I was perfect for the job and that they need me and I need them. I lit incense after incense and kept the fire burning until it started getting dark and then I extinguished the fire, cleaned up my place and headed back to the house. I snuck into my room, read for while and then went to bed with visions of Belize on my mind.

I was awakened at 4AM because I received a message on my phone. I was shocked and disoriented because there are only 3 people in Austria that know my number. The message was from Peter (who was in his room upstairs) and it said “You OK!?”. I figured he did not hear me come in and was worried about where I was. (he was gone when I went into the tipi and did not know about the potential job). I thought I should send a text back or go upstairs to let him know that I was here, but then I figured that if he was reeeeeeeally worried, he could walk down the stairs and check my room. I fell back asleep.

The next morning he confirmed my thoughts that yes, he was worried. He also said that when he woke up at 4, he immediately thought that I was not here. He then thought that I would leave the Schalklhof soon and “what would he do without me”. He said he really had this feeling that I was leaving! When I then told him about the job potential in Belize he gave me a hug and said he was happy for me, and that it sounded great. I then checked email and was not really surprised to see an email from the family in Belize sent at 9PM their time which of course is 4AM Austria time. After a couple of emails, back and forth, I got the job.

I have spent the day packing up my stuff to ship to KS and finding the best flights I can. I leave the Schalklhof when I am 40 years old and one day (on the 26th) take the train to Munich and catch a flight to Barcelona and then take a train to Valencia. I will stay with friends in Valencia for a day while I pick up my things I have left there almost a year ago and then fly from Valencia to Cincinnati on the 28th and from Cincinnati to Kansas on the 3rd of March. I then fly to Belize on March 9th.

The last 24 hours have been the most crazy, busy and intense time I have had in years and yet, it feels so right. It actually makes sense…I have spent the last 5 months living in a remote very rural area and working hard physically in order to stay one step ahead of the continuous upkeep this house and property demands. Looking back at the 15+ administrative jobs I have applied for in the past month, it is no wonder that I did not get them. I was not meant to work in yet another office! Over the years I have been the happiest working with children and living in nature. Now I will fulfill that desire once more.

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