01 February, 2008

Adventures with Peace Studies….

I thought my “challenges” in peace studies were over, but I was mistaken. The current group came to Native Spirit for a week and my duties went beyond cooking. One day I went with the group hiking in the mountain. Peter wanted me there incase someone got hurt (I could take them back down) and to take pictures. This was a new adventure for me because we had to use snow shoes for part of the journey. They weren’t as easy to use as they looked and like skis, sometimes when you fall over, you have trouble getting up.

At one point, there were more on the ground than standing. On the way down, we realized it was much easier to just slide down on our ass. You would have thought we were a bunch of 10 year olds, the way people were whooping and hollering with joy and fright.
The views on the top of the mountain were breathtaking, especially to a Kansas Girl.

ON the last day the students made me a “chef hat” which says “The way to a person’s heart is through the stomach”. I will wear it with pride!

The staff at Native Spirit.

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