20 January, 2008


Peter and Katushia performed Reiki on me. In the session, they both placed their hands on my body, head, feet, arms, legs, stomach. During the session, I kept imagining all my bad thoughts and feelings flowing out of me like a thick liquid oozing from my back and on to the ground, through the floorboards and into the ground. I kept trying to imagine what is then growing from the ground but then my mind would wander. Before I spoke about my visions, they told me what pictures they received in their mind. Peter said that he saw the earth and me wearing a skirt. I need to bring out more of the woman or female part of me to have a balance, but also to recognize the strengths I possess as a woman. He saw me carrying a flower and walking freely in the trees and nature. Katushia expanded on my thoughts. She too saw what she called blood coming out of me in to the earth, but then the growth that I couldn’t see came to her. She saw a large flower growing from the earth stretching out on all sides and getting larger from the light of the sun. She saw me tending to the flower petals very gently, not using my male strength, but my female tenderness.

I was thinking a few days later that I didn’t need to bring out more feminity, I cook, I clean, I take care of the place, come on, I am a woman…but then Peter came in with some new snow shovels that he had bought. They were so cute, small and in bright yellow! I jumped up and said “COOL! We can use these on the front walk and it will be so easy to clear paths in the snow to the tee pee’s”. The handle was even expandable to fit it to your size. My excitement encouraged Peter to show me more. I explored all the details while putting my shoes on so I could go try it out in the newly fallen snow and Karin said…”yep, you really need to bring out more of your feminine side”. I glanced up with a quizzical look and she went on to say that my enthusiasm over a “tool” is definitely not a reflection of my female side. I argued that I was enthusiastic when my mom sent me a curtain for my bedroom window and I promptly hung it up. She said yeah “but you were REALLY excited over that shovel…and amongst their laughter, I had to agree.

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