03 December, 2008


How do I get my life in balance???? I’m a teeter-totter; 0 pounds on one end and 100 on the other with the weight sliding from one end to the other’ constantly off balance, but with moments when the weight slowly slides into the middle on its way to the other side. I can keep it there for days, but then it inevitably moves on. I can’t even cry about it. I have a burst of sob, but then it stops. Is it just not worth it to cry over things? Or do I realize that if I go down that path, I may not be able to return.

16 November, 2008

If I still blogged….

If I still blogged I would have written about many things in the past months. Many things which continue to change me. Yes, me, the one who longs to put my thoughts down on this virtual paper, the me who doesn’t. The me who wants the world to know how I feel, but also the me who doesn’t. The me who just a few short months ago was crying in the Belizean Rain forest because I didn’t know where I belong, where I should be and how I should get there.

But now here I am sitting on my rug in my room trying to imagine a life where things didn’t fall into place; an existence where pain is a daily occurrence. I fall back into the old thinking of “why me”. Why the privilege, why do things fall into place when they need to; but when I least expect it. Love, Pain, Forgiveness, Joy, Surprise. I think above all, I crave surprise. I love change, I fear monotony. The unknown is what I crave, not the routine of one day after another going by in a blur as life is considered no more than a zombiatic refuge.

Now there is my new friend. Now there is my new friend. Someone who pushes me to work to my full potential. Someone who respects who I am; WHO I AM, the quirky bursting with life humanitarian. That same me who cries at the thought of a starving child, the me who battles insecurities, the me who things she has it all figured out at times and then turns a corner and realizes she’s internally lost. The me who can get completely caught off guard at a simple yellow handwritten note which he hid in my glove. To me it was much more than the quickly written “Hope you’re having a good day!” note. It represented the unexpected; the unexpected to me is like a drunk finding a swallow left in a discarded bottle.

I yearn for the unknown with all of my existence...

27 August, 2008

The house hunt is over

I have found the perfect place and it's not with "mr. potential landlord". I was too perfect for that place, so perfect in fact that I believe I would have been Queen of the youngsters in the house...actually I would have ended up being more like a Cinderella-ish Evil Step-housemate.
No, as in other aspects of my life, I didn't take what could have been mine. Instead of trying to control situations, I waited...waited for something to fall in my lap and like so many times before it happened gloriously.
I was indecisive about where I should be...of course it would have been great in the Takoma neighborhood, but who would I really be benefiting by surrounding myself with like-minded people. Would we sit around and nod as we gripe of inequalities in the world, probably. Would we sit around and watch political programs together and cheer, probably. Would I grow as a person and perhaps give someone a different point of view, probably not.
I will be living with a young couple and a older gentleman. I don't know their political opinions. I don't know much at all except that when I met my future landlord, we hit it off and felt really comfortable sitting together. That was all that was important at that point. The comfort and energy surrounding us.
My new room is a part of a house that has a full modern kitchen, clothesline out back, and 2 fat cats. My room has an attached bathroom and a door leading to the patio. I move in on Sept. 7th.
Until I do so, I am staying at my boss' apt only a few blocks from work. Very beautiful place and convenient as well. Life is good.

26 August, 2008

More airplane notes:

We landed and like robots kept our seat belts on until the plane was secure at the gate. Then there was a surprise in store for the paying patrons sitting so anxiously and obediently. The sickly sweet voice of the flight attendant came over the intercom asking “us”, the people who paid to be on this flight if we would do “them”, the paid employees, a favor and close the shades and open the air vents around your seating area.

As my mouth dropped open, I thought…would an expensive restaurant ask you to please bring your dishes to the kitchen as a “favor to their waitstaff?" Would a pet boarding facility ask you to remove your dog’s poo from her kennel as a “favor to their paid workers?" Why is it okay to ask paying patrons to give when the airlines continue to cut back. Give me 20 bucks off my next ticket and I’ll be more than happy to make sure my shades are drawn and my vents are open as I gather my things to depart. I’ll even make sure I wipe the sink basin as a courtesy to the other passengers. I will gladly help, but please in return, may I ask a few things in return…Just a few things from one paying customer to a paid employee.

1. Don’t come to work wearing the smoke smelling uniform you partied in last night after your last flight.

2. Use 20 oz. less perfume…or better yet NONE! before you get on the plane.

3. If I have my travel coffee cup in front of me, ear phones in and my book covering my tray table – DO NOT nudge me and ask if I would like anything to drink or a bag containing a maximum of 6 peanuts. I saw you! We made eye contact…if I wanted something I would have smiled sweetly and asked you!

4. and do not under any circumstances ask me if I would like to purchase a duty free item or remind me that the in-flight-catalog can be found in the seat pocket in front of me.

I think that’s all for now…until my next flight…


I came across some words that I had scribbled down in my notebook while on my recent flight to DC. Basically it went something like this:

I hate the aspect of getting from one place to another via an aircraft. As I took my aisle seat I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to sit one empty seat away of a studious young man well engrossed in his medical book. I awaited the string of others who would go by...the stale smoke smelling chain smoker, the pocked face 20 something who smelled of fast food, the oxymoron peasant dress/oversized Gucci bag wearing lady. I glanced at the empty seat next to me and silently willed it to stay that way.

Earphones in place, book in lap, eyes closed I head my breath.

“Oh please please no one come to me.”

“Why can’t I ignore the mixture of greasy food combined with day old smoke and who knows what else which is whaffing around me.”

“Dear God, why was I born with an overly acute sense of smell?”

As I lift my sweatshirt over my nose, I pretend that I am somewhere else…that I am already there. I’m a different person – can I adjust…but, do I even want to…Like a convict, I will do my time until I can once again be let free…..

I open my eyes, we are moving down the run way….my space is secure.

17 August, 2008

Washington, DC

Long story short...I am now living and working in Washington, DC.

Well technically that isn't exactly true. I am WORKING here, but at the moment living in GlenDale or silver glen, or springing glenities or maybe it's even Glen and Silvia's town. I could actually be WAY off on the name, but traveling into DC on the train everyday plus taking every line (green, red, yellow, blue, orange...) to see potential permanent places to live has gotten me really mixed up. Basically, I jump on a train and if I figure out that I am going the wrong direction, I just jump off and back on another.

Wherever I am living now, it's great, but just a little far. Kudos goes to Toni who graciously contacted her brother and asked him if her "poor" friend could crash there for awhile (there may have been money involved as Toni knows how to take care of a friend, even if it calls for putting down a down payment! ha ha). My 2-legged housemates, Frank and Tina, have been great, and so have the 4-legged ones, Faith and Molly. They are finally getting used to me and I'm becoming just another person instead of "the NEW visitor that must be assaulted at all times" (by "They" I am referring to Faith and Molly, not Frank and Tina!)

I love my new job even though I have been putting in long days. It's just part of the job for now. I have to get totally comfortable with the processes as well as figure who/what/where and why of everything. Job wise, it's basically same, same...but different. They do have great coffee, though and a Vegan Cafe right around the corner!

The house hunt goes on...The actual move into another place will be no problem as I only have a large suitcase, but finding the right place to move to is proving harder than I thought. It's not a lack of cool places, it is an abundance of people trying to snag them. I went to a "showing" the other day and I showed up 5 minutes early only to find 3 people already there and another one right on my heels. During the course of the 10 minutes I was there, 5 more showed up. As the 2 current roommates "grilled" everyone, I felt like I was in some kind of a weird off-line dating ritual "name, stats, reason for being in DC, previous experiences, etc...

The whole bio thing is getting old. I don't want to say too much or too little...do I tell them I:
am 40? - TOO OLD!....
am vegetarian? - FREAKY ANIMAL LOVER...
don't want to sign a yr. lease - COMMITMENT PROBLEMS...
don't have a lot of stuff - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU...

I did talk to a guy today who has a place to rent in an area called Takoma, which I was told would be a great place for "people like me"...which I can equate to meaning that the people in Takoma care about the planet and animals,other people, artsy stuff, used clothing and vegetables. I will look at the house on Monday and it's definitely in my price range and area and he did say that "it's weird, I feel you would be right for the room, you are really easy to talk to and I feel you would fit in with the other roommates (5 of them)".

I thought to myself "no, Mr. potential landlord, it's not weird...I have used my positive mind power to entrance you through my words and am willing you to pick me as 'THE ONE'. 'THE ONE' who will earn the right to live in your Takoma 'people like me' neighborhood. 'THE ONE' who on this phone call will tell you everything you want to hear, because 'people like me' can control 'people like you' with our peaceful ways and our talk of healthy living, recycling and vegetables; our commitment to pitching in to clean, dividing electric bills, bathroom rotation and the ability to respect other's spaces".

Mr. potential landlord it is not weird, it is fate. I am the chosen one and little did you know that when you picked up the phone, I would have you at Hello.

08 July, 2008

4th of July.

We (my parents, my sister and her family and my niece's boyfriend's family) spent the 4th holiday at Grand Lake in Oklahoma. A completly relaxing time was much needed considering I had just completed an 11 hours car trip from Houston to Kansas the day before. Turning around and driving another 4 hours to relax, seemed insane, but not one to turn down a challenge, I threw clothes in my much used backpack and prepared to sit on my butt once again.

Tristen holding on for the ride.

Dylan catchin' a wave...

Logan...uh, going the other way??

And of course, no shot would be complete without the "Catch of the Day?

01 July, 2008

Last days in Belize

Amy and Brad snuck out of the farm while I was home in KS over Memorial Weekend...I really missed them, but made plans right away to visit them in San Ignacio on my way out. We spent an awesome day checking out their property they bought a couple of years ago...right on a river and soo beautiful. I'll definitely be a frequent visitor!

AWWWWWWW...how sweet...

Swinging from a vine!

Posing pretty??

24 June, 2008

Why I'm leaving Belize...

Okay, so this isn't the real reason, but it really is a good one!

This is a "coconut animal" as the local's call it. It causes a lot of damage to the trees so it doesn't have such a good rep.

Of course, I about freaked when I saw it calmly walking across the patio as if it was movin' in...I yelled to Guadalupe, who was cooking in the kitchen. (She and the other local women always get a good laugh over my 'freak-outs') so she calmly said "That coconut animal is bad, it should be killed". I looked at the small statured woman and said "You can't step on it; it's as big as your foot!"

G took a kitchen knife and tried to cut it in half and it FLEW into the brush. She then managed to cut its head off...GROSS! Esperanza was looking at it the whole time and said, "gross, there is stuff bubbling out of the spot where it's head was". And then the damn thing started walking or at least trying to...minus a large leg and a head. E then grabbed it and was really inspecting it as I snapped a couple photos and then retreated to another area.

She came over to me to show another horrid fact about the creature and I screamed (yes, like a little girl!) as I spotted it out of the corner of my eye moving towards my face. E apologized and said she wasn't trying to scare me but just wanted to show me something. Unfortunately “If you become a teacher, by your pupils you’ll be taught”, so I let her show me the uh…interesting?...markings and details of it. She finally retreated to go find the interns and show them, with my strict rules to “TELL THEM WHAT YOU HAVE before you shove the huge bug in their face!

18 June, 2008


If you get a chance, check out the following websites. The first www.raceacrossamerica.org is...um, you guessed it, it's a race across america (bike). My longtime friend Allison sent me the link because her husband Mike is racing in it. His team website is, www.thefriarsclub.com

I nannied for Mike and Allison's daughter in Hawaii, when she was an infant. I don't even want to think about how old she is now!

A little bit of information from the Friars Club website:

The team of eight riders and crew of 10 will be pedaling over 3,013 miles in elevations ranging from 179 feet below sea level (Salton Sea, CA) to 10,275 feet above sea level (La Manga Pass, CO), climb over 100,000 feet, pass through 14 states, cross the 5 longest rivers that are entirely in the U.S….and hope to do all this in 7 days.

Their goal (in addition to finishing) is to:

• Completely fund the building of an approximately 2,000 square foot orphanage in Haiti (100% of gifts go directly to the construction of the facility).
• Provide housing for 50 orphans.

The cost to completely build an orphanage is only $25,000 (or $500 per child). Our team is partnering with C3 Missions International, a Kansas City based 501c3 organization devoted to serving orphaned children in regions such as Thailand, South Africa, Cambodia and Haiti. Not one penny contributed will be used for admin or race costs – 100% goes to work in constructing the facility and providing a home, food and shelter for 50 orphaned children.


16 June, 2008

What seemed like a good idea...

a leisurely stroll to the source and tubing back down to the farm, suddenly took a turn for the worse.

There are 5 interns here on the farm and we decided on this sunny peaceful Sunday to hike to the source of the river which is only about 30 minutes and then slowly float downstream back to the farm.

We started hiking and then I (the leader) admitted that I really wasn’t sure where to turn off the trail. I knew that at some point we would need to veer right on the trail. It had been a couple months since I went to the source and it was dry season, hence things looked very different then…

Four of the others had been to the source just last week, so they were confident that they would know where it was…something about we needed to pass a house with a nice yard?? as we hiked, the trail took a sharp turn upward, which definitely was not the direction we needed to go. We turned and headed back and then passed over a dry creek bed and after a democratic decision (that the creek bed must flow into the river) we started to hike along it.

After about 10 minutes of crawling and falling on the rocky surface, carrying our tubes, the creek bed took a turn to the left. K went on up ahead and shouted that it turns again…another decision was made by all to head back the way we came and go back down the trail. It was actually a beautiful place we were in so there weren’t any negative thoughts. We were all just hot and ready to find water!

Miraculously after getting back to the trail and walking for about 5 minutes, like the witches house in Hansel and Gretel the strange thatch house with the nice grassy yard suddenly appeared. Now we did not pass it on the way in because one of us would have noticed it! We must have previously been on some twilight zone parallel trail?? We passed through the yard and onto the trial in front of the house and immediately heard and then saw the river. It was a very strange experience…as if we passed through some time warp or something.

We arrived at the source and sat by the water for a while relishing in the cool water and then headed down stream. There was a rather scary drop off in the river which was pretty rocky. I took the initiative and went first. It was really fun and not that dangerous provided you stayed on your tube. The interns went one by one as I snapped the photo’s and cracked up! M1 fell off hers and was fine, M2 fell off hers and was not. M2 had slammed her foot into some sharp rocks. She was in a daze and we got her back on her tube and said we would head back quickly. She stuck her butt in the tube and stuck her foot out. I got a good look at it as it didn’t look that bad, but then I took another look. It had a large gash in it, but with the cold water and her foot in the air, it wasn’t even bleeding.

We got back to the farm and after 2 steps on dry land, it swelled up and looked as bad as Nancy the dog’s neck after Melon attacked her! J and I got on either side of her and helped her hobble along the trail which of course went up and up. At the top, we adjusted and M2 was able to put all her weight on us and hop a little. J finally told the 5 foot 10 M2 to get on her back and she would piggy-back her to the nearest rooms. J is strong and carried her steadily to a hammock. I told K to go get Dawn and come quickly (without the girls!) I rinsed the wound and picked out little stones which had made her foot looked like a butchered chicken with dead skin hanging and bright red meat gooping out, eughwwwwwwwww.

Christopher and K took her to PG (to the river on J’s back, canoe down to the village, hike to the truck, drive to the town – reverse on the way back) to the local clinic to get her stitched up. They got back late that night and she received tons of stitches...inside and out! Dawn and I took turns piggy-backing her to her room.

Now M2's out for the count for a week until the stitches come out. We got her all set up this morning in a hammock in the main common area so she can be a part of the camaraderie.

11 June, 2008

Mattie Moo!

It was so good to see Mattie on my trip to KS over Memorial weekend! She has gotten soooo big, mostly winter fur, but she has beefed up as well.
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how cute!

09 June, 2008

cooking is not an easy task...

...until you get used to it. Stoking the fire getting ready for stir fry!

Stirring it up!

Wahla...finished product.

08 June, 2008

Nancy and Melon

Nancy was almost killed by Melon! yep, only they know why, but Melon attacked her at the river in front of the girls. The girls came up screaming to me and I calmly said in my teacher voice, "now girls, Melon won't kill Nancy, calm down and we'll go see what's happening." As we walked down to the river Z said "Melinda, what if Nancy dies" and I said "oh please, Z, Nancy's not going to die" and then I heard this sound.

It was the sound of an animal in incredible pain, but it didn't sound like a dog, more like a duck or something, but I knew in my heart that it was Nancy. I started to run down to the river and I yelled at the girls to go back to the house, but of course they kept following me. I got to the water and there was an intern (who had just arrived at that very moment) yelling that the black dog was killing the yellow dog. I looked at him in disbelief and said "that dog...Melon?" and he said yes, he had thrown rocks at the black dog to get it away from the other one. (they had moved their fight to the water) He said thatMelon had Nancy's neck and face in her mouth and was thrashing her about and holding her under the water.

Now, I must say that Melon is the sweetest, albeit dumbest dog there is. She's less than a year old, but bigger than Nancy. Nancy is the alpha dog and Melon has always backed down to her and I guess she decided to stop. There is a big probability that both dogs are pregnant and maybe the hormones in Melon's body are changing her. It's too bad that such a young dog is pregnant in the first place...but that's another story...

Melon was at that time out of the water and Nancy was standing chest deep on a log in the water. Melon lunged back into the water and I creamed at her "OUTSIDE MELON" (their word for "go away") and she ran back out as I was running in. The area where I was is full of logs, sticks and other stuff that has washed into the area, but is now flooded so I was falling all over the place stepping on unseen logs and shit. The girls and the intern dragged Melon up to the house and I finally got to Nancy and after realizing that she would not move, I proceeded to carry her out of the water, sometimes using their huge dog Belaya as support. I got her to the land and she couldn't walk. I was in rescue mode, or else I would have broken down crying. I sat there with her and she finally tried to take a step and fell. She had lacerations all over her neck and 2 teeth punctures on her head and one on that soft place under her chin near her throat.

I carried her up to the house and laid her down on the bench. She could not lay down for awhile (I think she was still in shock) but finally did so and an hour or so later she fell asleep. Today, she is up and walking around (slowly) and the intern said he cannot believe that she is alive. He thought for sure no dog could withstand that punishment and live to see another day.

Melon has been tied up since and we were joking that she probably forgot why she was there, but then Nancy came into her view and she growled like I have never heard her do and started barking. It really is the weirdest thing! I hate to see Melon tied up all the time, but then again, I think she will try to finish the job she started!

05 June, 2008

now what...

I am finished here teaching on the farm…nothing happened, no drama, just that all-of-a-sudden feeling that my time here is done. So now what? The story of my life nowadays; “Just what in the hell do I do next?” My options are infinite, but possibilities are not. What to do but follow whatever impulses no matter what they may be…even a small nagging feeling I got to check email while I was in KS visiting family. With a shrug of my shoulders, I boot up my mom’s computer. Hmmmm, there’s an email with updates from Careerbuilder.com…of course there is. There is a position in KS, right…oh look, it’s not only in KS, it’s in my parents small town, how alluringly convenient. Yes, the ONLY office building in the small town is looking for a Sr. Admin. Assistant. The same company that recently laid off about 100 people is offering up a job that I am perfectly capable of doing, oh and they are offering the exact salary I was wanting…of course they are. It is all delightfully laid out in perfect order…the light at the end of the financially smothering tunnel…or is it?

C&D are not surprised to hear that I am leaving the farm. They have known that the salary was not sustainable long term, but instead of waving goodbye (at the end of June) D decides to mention to a friend that her teacher is leaving. She mentions this to not just a friend, but a wealthy one; a wealthy friend who could pay me more money a month; one with a small child in need of a teacher…what an utterly convenient plan wrecker. A cross-road on an otherwise one way path. A fork in the road. A downpour when a list mist was predicted. Now what? I wait to hear from both positions…wait to see which one pans out. And if they both do? Well, I don’t have a meditation Tipi to go into, but I do have my incense, a peaceful environment, teachings from a Shaman and that wonderful intuition.

Bring it on!

17 May, 2008

Stinky Toe

This pod falls from a tree. I am not sure of its “official” name, but it is called Stinky Toe here. The goopy black stuff surrounding the seeds is edible. You pull out the brown seeds and the black comes out with it and you suck it off the seeds. Personally I think it is super gross plus it wasn’t given it’s nick name because it smells like roses. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad if it indeed smelled better, but once you break open the pod, a horrible stench makes its way to your nose. The first time I decided to try it was when the girls brought a couple to school for snack. The way they were devouring it, I figured that I would give it a whirl..it was okay tasting, but since I am not starving and possess free will, I have never had the desire to eat it again.

Unfortunately, Brad found a way to utilize the Stinky Toe in a different way. One evening he was bored and since I was just on my porch laying in my hammock making a basket, he decided to make the TV (me) he was watching, interactive. He began by tossing little pieces at me. I ignored it for a bit, but then decided upon a counter-attack. I quietly gathered the pieces he threw and then bombarded him with my stash. I had to be careful not to hit Amy who was innocently working on her computer. The pieces started getting bigger until he threw a huge chunk which exploded upon contact with my wooden porch. I surrendered and threw the pieces I could find, far off my porch and commenced to my basket making. It wasn’t long before I kept smelling the stench! I realized that there was a big piece under my hammock and an even bigger one that had landed under the porch. I started making gagging noises while waiting for the smell to finally disperse while trying to ignore the snickering from my neighbors.
Life would just not be the same without my neighbors"...


14 May, 2008


Cacao pods,
Breadnut fruit,
and Coconut!

13 May, 2008

ichy ichy ichy

I got some crazy rash all over my left arm which then spread to my stomach and then to my back. I was told by many local people that there isn't any plant here that causes an allergic reaction so I was confused and a little worried. I mean, if there wasn't anything I could be allergic to then just what the hell is spreading all over my body!

After a little research and inquiring in the town (PG), Dawn found out that prickly heat is very common during this time of year and it is common for the heat rash to start out on an arm. It was suggested that I put prickly pear cactus with a little water in the blender to make a paste and apply liberally to help with the itch. I did just that andput it all over the itchy parts. Amy and Brad came back from the field and there I was stretched out on my porch with my Ipod blaring; trying to relax. After a quick photo session complete with Doctor Amy "helping" to re-apply the slime I was ready to wash it off! but I held off for another hour just for good measure.

After a couple of days of applying the bright green slime as well as soaking in the river for a couple hours a day, it is now gone...for the time being.

10 May, 2008

A toad, 2 headed cat and a dead cow.

E holding a huge Belizean toad.

This is a photo of Cuddles and Cockaoodles (mother and daughter). They usually sit in the kitchen all day long hoping to snatch a fallen piece of food before the dogs can get it. It’s quite funny to watch one of the small cats holding off 4 dogs (one of which is the size of a small horse).

While walking back to the farm from Dump (not “the” dump, but Dump, a town between Columbia and PG) we came upon this poor creature. Who knows how he died, but was kind of interesting the way the animal’s form is still evident although it’s insides are all eaten out.

28 April, 2008

my thatch roof.

Top view of my thatch roofed house. Such a nice thing to wake up to with the early sun shinning in or while lounging about on my hammock.

My Washing Machine.

It's called the pila and takes some getting used to but I am becomming an expert in the art of washboardish type laundry. Soaking in the large middle part, then adding soap to the clothing and scrubbing it up and down on the right part then back to the middle to rinse. I did a big load consisting of about all I brought here and it took me hours...
Now, I wash about every 2nd morning and only have a pair of pants, couple of shirts, socks and underwear and in 20 minutes, I have them all hung to dry before breakfast. Much easier!

Sunday Morning Coffee...

Any morning is nice to wake up to brewing coffee...unfortunately on Sunday's it's also nice to relax and not have to walk to the kitchen, start the fire in the stove just to heat some water. Also, Sunday mornings are nice family time for the Nesbitt's without interns, teachers, or volunteers roaming about.

Brad found this cooking contraption and brought it to our houses. Basically you put burning material (corn husks, dry grass, sticks, etc.) in the side hole of the big can and then the heat goes up through the top of the other can which heats the small pot of water sitting on it. After trying for about 20 minutes to get the thing lit and moving it from place to place (so the smoke wouldn't go into my house or B&A's house and not on a wee wee ant path) I set it down and within 5 minutes or less, I had a boiling pot of good ole' H2O. Add some powdered milk and instant coffee and wahla, the breakfast of champions and computer geeks alike.

It was only 7AM so I settled down in my hammock with my luscious hot beverage and began the finishing process of my latest basket. What a morning!

27 April, 2008

Trip to PG

Punta Gorda (PG) is an hour bus ride from the village. B, A, Jamie and I went for the day. It was my first relaxing "free" day off the farm. Previously I have gone into PG, but always on a mission and with one of the little girls. This time was adults only (age wise not maturity level, mind you).

We headed out at 6AM in order to hike to the village so we could catch the 7Am bus into the town. Once in PG, we went to the open market and drooled over all the luscious fresh fruits and vegetables and then headed to Deja Brew for coffee and breakfast.

After a little comparison shopping for material so I could make me a skirt (soooo much cooler than pants here), we passed an "open thrift store". I haggled on an Old Navy brand cute dress and just when I almost had him down to 5.00 (US 2.50) the guy took a closer look and once seeing the brand name stuck to his original 7.00. I passed on the dress and then found a really funky skirt (purple and blue circle things on it) which he let me have for 5.

After buying homemade "SPICY" tortilla chips and some long needles (to make baskets with) we were on our way to get a COLD beer. The bars were already loud and full of rowdy men and it was only 11 AM so we ducked into a Chinese restaurant for 3.00 stouts.
After that we were starving and even as a vegetarian, I am not willing to eat Chinese food in a foreign country. We headed to Gomier's Restaurant where we knew I could get a good ole' tofu burger or other incredibly yummy vegetarian fare and we were not disappointed. After scarfing down some tofu curry it was almost time to catch the bus back.

We wandered down the main road to the bus stop, although you could basically stand anywhere on the bus route and flag them down. Using B and A's bar knowledge, we wandered into a sea front bar and downed another before the bus arrived.
Successfully hiking back in the dark, we brought Christopher the tortilla chips and mozzarella cheese he requested and he whipped up some of the best nachos I have ever tasted...which could be due to the fact that I have not had nachos in about 2 years or that without refrigeration cheese of any kind on the farm is a luxury or even that it was a perfect snack to end a perfect day, but regardless, they were superb and the day a big hit! I am ready to do it again in the near future!

08 April, 2008

Photo's of my house...

View of my house from a hill above. - Trail to the right of the palm.

My house! - The house on the very left of the photo is Amy and Brad's. It's more comforting having them close, plus, Nancy (a.ka. - the mean bitch) sleeps right outside my door. I feel completely safe with her there!
The wires in the above photo are connected to these solar panels which is our electricity source.

Close up of my house and porch.

Peeking in my front door.

Home sweet home!

Nancy - My great guard dog! She's the best!

The Columbia branch of the Rio Grande River...which is our "highway" when you don't want to take the trail to the house.