16 December, 2007


My new thesis and I are doing great and are enjoying our quick but wonderful relationship. I will be turning in the draft hopefully on Tues. the 18th...two days ahead of my previously sought after deadline.

I have been happy with the new content, although I do believe that there are signs that maybe, just maybe I have been spending too much time typing on my computer. While taking giveing my tired computer a much needed break, I took to reading one of the books jotting down quotes on an actual paper with a pen. A random thought popped into my mind and i started scribbling rapidly as the thoughts were coming faster than I could write. I then picked up my pen and made a move to hit [Ctrl + S] in order to save the document that I was physically writing. I looked up at my computer which was about 3 yards away from me and realized that I will be happy when my life is back to a normal...of course we all have ideas of normality.

I also found out that you cannot die from excessive amounts of coffee!

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