03 December, 2007

I have amicably divorced my thesis.

My former-thesis, (previously known as my thesis) is garbage. In it I was writing about nutrition, obesity and its affect globally. Well it was stocked plum full of worldwide information on statistics, nutritional regulations including what the US and United Nations deem fat by measuring Body Mass and how these are different in other countries because people have different genetic make-ups, blah blah blah. I also had charts leading to diseases from food and preventative measures. After meeting with my thesis advisor, I realized that I do not support governmental regulations (especially in the country on my passport) so why am I promoting this form of structural violence in my thesis. By supporting what a government entity such as the USDA says, I am actually promoting stereotypical control and conformity. The USDA is paid to promote food products, or else they would not logically officially classify frozen French fries as a “fresh vegetable”, which they did in I think 2004. Who in the hell do you think paid for that, hmmm….

My revelation caused a couple of spontaneous things to happen, namely that my former-thesis is just that, former. I can use a little of the 57 pages of information that I had already written in my former thesis in my new and improved thesis (N&IT), but most of it is regulatory bull-shit which no one should listen to. My N&IT will base eating and lifestyle on feelings and energy produced by the way you live. Not energy in terms of physical exertion, but more as an energetic field. If you have ever been around someone that just wears you out after being around him/her for a couple of minutes or someone who has the attitude “if I am not happy, no one will be” then you have experienced negative energy. Sit in a room with a Shaman or a Swami, or anyone at peace within themselves and you will have experienced positive energy.

This can be directly related to food in the way that if you put an organic carrot grown in a environmentally conscientious way in your body you will have a different energy (feeling) than if you put a piece of factory farmed meat in your stomach. ALL Factory farms pack tens of thousands of animals into small amounts of spaces, which the US has the most horrendous lax regulations about than any country in the world (this is a fact, not just my biased judgment). My thesis will include the absolutely inhumane, cruel and abusive treatment given to animals in the human food chain. It will also include my thoughts that there is absolutely NO justification for anyone to purchase such products. Saving money is not an excuse. Meat consumption in the US has doubled since the 1950s and in the 50s no one was mal-nourished. Eat less of the ethical (more expensive) meat instead. See how it makes you feel by spending a few dollars more for organic, humanely raised animal and animal products. See how it makes you feel knowing that you just fought the system that creates such animal suffrage. Factory farming runs on supply and demand just like most things. If the demand for organic humanely treated animal products goes up, the amount of animals factory farmed will go down.

If you saw your neighbor's pet confined day after day to a concrete and metal cage not even big enough to turn around in, most people would be outraged and demand that the animal be released. Why then, do most people turn a blind eye on cows, chickens, fish and pigs (among other animals) that are raised that way? I am not here to judge, but to ask questions.

Okay, that is what my new thesis will be on: the ethics of food consumption! I do not try to preach that my ethics are somehow better than someone else’s, no that is what governments do, but I do believe that a vast majority of populations would agree that abusing an animal is “ethically” wrong, regardless of the reasoning behind it.

As Alanis Morisette put it so gracefully "These R the thoughts (that go through my head)".

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