14 November, 2007

Sandy visits again!!!

Yea, my faithful traveling friend once again treked across the ocean to Europe. She had almost 2 weeks here and if she thought she was in for a relaxing vacation, boy was she wrong! ha ha

She had about a 2 hour nap and then she was put to work in the kitchen. We had a group of 16 here and it was dinner time! AFter about 3 hours in the kitchen we had an American dinner on the table (in her honor)...quinoa salad, veggie burgers and oven baked french fries! I had miscalculated how long it would take to prepare the food so an additional hand in the kitchen was a much needed gift! You cannot tell in the photo, but between Sandy and Karin are about 2 layers of pots, pans and dishes on the floor (no cabinet space left). We had pretty much used up every cooking thing in the kitchen!

I did 'allow' her to relax a bit...we tried to make it outside for part of the 3 hours of sun we got. It rises over one mountain around 11.30 only to fall behind another around 2.30. She is sitting in my 'Sun Place', which is one of my favorite places on the property. It is really nice to sit there when the sun shines and read, do yoga or just take a little snooze.

The next day we took a nice walk along the Via Claudia Trail which runs by the Schalklhof and is an old road used during the Roman Empire. It was a dual purpose walk as we had humanely caught 2 mice the night before (Sandy is holding them in their little cages) and had to take them far away so they can live in the forest instead of in our walls. It is actually kind of a fruitless venture as some joke that the mice make it back to the house before we do. Regardless if there is any truth in that statement, catching the mice does get me out of the house and down the trail most days.

Luckily we did get a chance to enjoy all the great weather for 3 days as it started to snow soon after her arrival and did not stop!

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