23 November, 2007


Now, I have blogged about trusting those little voices in my head…not the ones that secretly tell me to do evil things like eat another luscious homemade treat or enjoy my 4th cup of coffee, but the ones that cause a nagging feeling to do or not to do something…my intuition. I recently found a website http://www.pisces.com/... while doing, ahem, “research for my thesis". Well if there was a better way to describe my personality, I have yet to find it. The one thing it did say is that Pisces have a unique sense of intuition, which I have been working on trusting for the past 6 months or so and I do believe it is becoming really defined.

Today, I was trying to order about 5 books on Amazon.de (from Germany). The one specific book that was first on my list was called Food for Life, The Spirituality and Ethics of Eating. I reeeeeeeally wanted it and was even contemplating whether to have it over-nighted to me as it was “calling” to me to read it. I finally got an account on the german website which was a challenge in itself. I went through the whole 5 step process to purchase the books and then came the most hated sentences of any internet user “INTERNET EXPLORER CANNOT DISPLAY THIS PAGE!” I thought no biggy, I just refreshed the screen and to my dismay, it put me back to the beginning log-in page. Well I did this about 3 more times before I was ready to scream. At that time Karin walked in and I had her look over the page, maybe there was something in German stating that my order could not be processed. That was not the case so with her guiding me this time, I started the process yet another time. When the same damn page popped up, I exclaimed ‘Son of a Gun’, which brought her extreme laughter since she had never heard that phrase. Not in the least bit ready to expel laughter, I said that I was giving up. She said, no, try it one more time….

It of course happened again and I suddenly said. “There is a reason that I am not supposed to order the books today.” I will do it tomorrow. Something told me about 3 tries back to stop, but I didn’t listen to ‘it’. Well, that was about 4 hours ago and I had been diligently working on my thesis (55 pages now!) when Peter walked in with a package that was in the mailbox addressed to Karin. Since she is gone, I said that ‘for some reason’ I think it is for me and I opened it. Inside the package was the super-duper-can’t live without-book that I so desperately was trying to order. I had forgotten that I had already ordered the book when Karin and I ordered a bunch of books about a month ago. All of the other book came in the same week we ordered them, but for some reason this one was delayed. It had been ‘calling’ to me from the mailbox the whole time I was trying to order its replacement! hmmm…..

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