22 November, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I am currently proof-reading my fellow Peace Students dissertation for his PhD degree. It is about the growing epidemic of orphans in Africa (specifically Uganda) because of the rise of AIDS/HIV causing their parents death. It is so interesting that of course, I now want to go to Uganda and open an orphanage! Actually that is my “retirement” desire some day…to live out my life surrounded by orphaned children. Mmmmm just the thought makes me smile!

Anyway, because of my reading his 232+ page dissertation, I now realize that I could conceivably write my own, thus someday acquiring my own doctorate degree….Dr. Melinda Lies! Of course I am proofing Paul’s paper instead of writing my own thesis at the moment, so maybe I should concentrate on finishing my own measly 80 page paper before I set my sights on a couple hundred.

Oh and yes, this is how I am going to spend my entire Thanksgiving...thankful that I have eyes to see, fingers to type and a brain to comprehend it all!

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