15 November, 2007

Art…it’s in the eye of the beholder!

My new friend Marcel wanted to get together and since I only know exactly 4 people in the area, I gladly accepted his invitation. He picked me up and we drove to a home depot-ish store because he wanted my opinion on wood flooring that he is going to put in his bedroom. After going to a couple of stores, he said we needed to buy some paint brushes because “we” were going to paint on these canvases that he had bought the day before. I told him that my brother got all the skills in my family in regards to art and that the only painting I am good at is slathering a whole wall or room with one color. He said he had never done it either, but he wanted some art for his wall and didn’t want to buy any.

We got to his place and there on the floor was 2 large blank canvases and 1 smaller one, 6 tubes of paint ranging from light yellow to orange to bright red. We got started and I realized quickly that I actually have a little talent in the art department and so did Marcel; although we had very different styles. I finished mine first and was starving! He said that; oops, he had forgotten that he was going to make some soup for us to eat. I said not to worry, that I would throw together something….this was a greater challenge than I thought, as his kitchen was not quite as equipped as his painting supplies. I still had my creative juices flowing so I found some rice and lentils as well as a semi-equipped spice drawer and a pantry with some fresh veggies. I ended up making curried lentils with carrots over rice, yum! The funny thing was that when we sat down to eat, the food looked like the paintings as the lentils were orange as well as the carrots and with the brown rice (which had a yellowy tint) and red fruit tea it was the perfect meal to accompany the completion of our masterpiece!

No artistic talent? I just let go of that rope!

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