27 September, 2007

new ideas.

One night the kids had a BBQ over the open fire and because of the massive supervision needed to cook real meat, we gave them hotdogs and this other partially-pre-cooked processed meat to cook, kind of like spam, gross! After seeing that there was no way the city kids could even cook the fake meat, I took over. I was laughing to myself because I would call out “hey, so and so, your guts and brains are ready”, or “these mashed internal organs are done”. Because of their limited knowledge of English, they would just smile and gather up the processed-not-fit-for-human-consumption-product and say “thank you, Melinda”. HA HA gotta love it.

The one really cool thing they do on an open fire is cook bread and apples. It’s fantastic! You take bread dough and wrap it around the end of a stick so it forms the shape of a hotdog. You then hold it over the heat of the ash (not the flame) until it is done, It takes awhile but the thinner the dough on your stick the quicker it cooks. For the apples, you just puncture them with a stick and again hold it over the hot ash turning from side to side. It cooks quickly and tastes like baked apples but with a smokey flavor and you eat it right off the stick. I can’t wait to do both of these in Kansas….whenever I find myself back home…

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Anonymous said...

Chef Mindy...sounds cool. I'm so glad you are there. Keep the pictures up; it is SO beautiful! Don't burn yourself on all those hot flames! Rachel