21 September, 2007

day spent in Imst

Friday, 14 September 2007

Today Peter and I went into Imst which is the town he is from. We didn’t really have any plans other than to bring Katushia to the Train station so she could visit her boyfriend before she leaves for Africa on the 23rd. After realizing the beautiful warm weather may not last much longer this year, we hiked a bit in Imst and then went into an area that in the winter is a ski resort kind of place.

There is a ride of sorts used year round which propels you down the mountain on little carts. We bought tickets and then rode the ski lift close to the top of the small mountain. Once at the top we were strapped into the little cart things; hands placed on the only control (pole levers on both sides of the cart) and told to push the lever forward to go and pull back to stop.

I thought “oh cool” and proceeded to go slowly down after testing the stopping mechanism. I rounded a bend in the track and to my joy, picked up speed. All was fine until a hair pin turn in the track caused a rather girlish yelpish scream escape my lips! Previous experience of dropping expensive things has given me the knowledge to always wrap the little strap on my camera around my wrist which saved the life of the precious electronic devise as I slammed on the brakes. I took a glance behind me; Peter’s cart was not in sight, whew…

I then checked the belts around my shoulders and lap secured my camera and headed down again at full speed. It was such a head rush to go so fast and tested my control issue; as I was completely at the mercy of the mechanics of the ride. I rounded another curve at full speed letting my lungs release sounds of joyful fright and almost slammed into the sightseeing cart in front of me. The look on the couple’s faces as they turned their heads to see just what in the hell was coming at them made me bust up laughing. I again slammed on the brakes and called my apologies to the young man and woman who (relieved to have escaped death) smiled nicely and made their way down the tracks a little faster this time. I waited for them to get out of sight only to hear Peter coming up behind me. We chatted for a minute and then we were both off again… At the bottom we sat with some people Peter knew and then headed back to the Schalklhof; another fine day in Austria.

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