21 September, 2007

beautiful Fall Day

Wednesday, 12 September, 2007

My dear father you would be so proud of me; today I dug potatoes. Since I spent the better part of the day yesterday inside cleaning I wanted to spend today outside. I went into the garden and began to clean up a bit; as the house the poor garden had been neglected for awhile. I started pulling weeds in the carrots and when boredom took over, I moved along to the tomatoes. I had such wonderful thoughts of my beautiful 91 year old grandmother and her perfect tomato plants as I proceeded to tie them all upright to reveal their luscious fruit which were beginning to rot on the ground. Peter then came out and we began on the potatoes. As I started digging, I became a little girl again, but thing time instead of grudgingly gathering the potatoes, I felt excited to cook them later. I ate carrots that I plucked from the ground (except the one with worm marks, I’m not THAT into nature). Such a simple task, such wonderful pleasures.

I am starting to see life all around me; a garden full of food and herbs; little critters that will do me no harm; amazing energy coming from the mountains surrounding me, everything…

I am living in a valley surrounded by mountains. To the right is Switzerland, to the left Austria and directly ahead Italy. I feel so much history here! I am in my room waiting for it to warm up from the wood stove I just lit. My first fire in my room! I got it lit and then went to discuss the upcoming schedules with Peter. I had a funny feeling that something might be wrong, but after glancing downstairs a couple times, I let it slide and proceeded to plan the adventures to come. When I went down to my room 30 minutes later, I opened the door and my room was totally engulfed in smoke! I quickly shut the door behind me and opened both my big windows and desperately tried to get all the smoke out before Peter came down. I was laughing about the fact that he was just telling me how much assistance I can give with the next group and he was confident in my abilities to help in many ways and then to find me trying not to start the house on fire! I found the knob that opens the flu (or what ever it is called) and the smoke quit pouring out of the lid and then with the windy day, it quickly left my room…just as I heard footsteps outside my door. Whew…safe this time…

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