21 September, 2007

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Tuesday, 11 September, 2007

Today I woke up lazily around 10 and then proceeded to clean for the next 5 hours and it was pure joy. I realized that when I clean, it’s not a compulsive thing, it’s actually relaxes me. The house here is about 100 years old and has 4 floors, lots of wood and lots of windows. The summers are extremely busy with one group after another coming through, so the ‘living quarters’ of the house were in dire need of some TLC, which I was happy to provide. Originally I was settled up on the 4th floor in a little attic bedroom which was so cute, but then after 2 nights there I knew I would not be able to stay there in the winter. It was really cold already and the heat does not make it up to that floor. I was given the choice of a room on the 1st floor which is the only room used as a bedroom on this floor. It’s perfect; I am on the same floor as the kitchen, toilet and living room and front door. Hiking up 2 floors to my room would have gotten old real fast! I cleaned my new room which had been shut up for many months. It was really dirty and I spent the greater part of the day in there. Once it was spotless and most of the spiders chased away (I left 3 of them because we agreed that if I don’t bother them they won’t bother me and also they have to keep in my sight so I know they didn’t sneak into my bed).

Because I have been in school non-stop and on Sat. and Sun. also, I really never knew what the date was or even which day it was…so it was well into the afternoon when Katushia told me it was Sept. 11th. I took a moment to think about what I was feeling at that moment. The sad thing was that I only felt anger. My first thought wasn’t compassion for those who lost their life on this day; my first thought was about pres. g.w. sending over 3000 US men and women to their death in a foreign country. I swallowed my negative thoughts and remembered what a beautiful place I am in and how fortunate I am that the ones I know and love are safe.

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