14 August, 2007

time, time, I got no time.........

YIKES. I have had class non stop since the 27th of July, on the weekends too. Last Saturday and Sunday we were all saying it was Tuesday and Wednesday as not to think about having class on the weekend. The next day off is on Aug. 20th! yep, almost a full month of non-stop studies...How peaceful is that?? Everything has been going well other than the lack of time off.

I have been running again and one of the students from Nepal is guiding those who want to in yoga in the mornings. The exercise is a great break since I feel like all I am doing lately is eating and studying. We finally took a night off of studying and danced like fools till 2 in the morning! It felt really good to release so much energy.

Boogie Nights! Group Shot!

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