26 August, 2007


I have been offline for about a week now, by choice. I really felt like I was going to explode! I know I have talked about how much this year's group is really connected and there have been no conflicts, unlike last year...Well, even though everything is just hunky dorey, I suddenly felt the need for air. To get away from everyone! I have been living breathing my fellow students since July 9th and I really need some alone time just to think, read, type, cry, or whatever comes to my agitated mind.

On 21 Aug. we started our 5th and final Modular Period of this term and there have been so many thoughts going through my head about everything pertaining to my life. I had been drug through one ‘challenge’ after another and although I really do enjoy it all, after awhile I just needed to be alone. SO when starting this final period, I was overjoyed when I remembered that it was titled “Personal Peace of Mind for Universal Peace” and would be given by Swami Veda Bharati and Stoma Parker. We would be taught the fine art of meditation and I was so looking forward to it, BUT I was not prepared for what was to come! The moment I entered the room and saw Swami Veda up on a table in his meditation position, I was enthralled. I was equally impressed with Stoma, who is from the US, but has been guided by Swami Veda for about 30 years or more.

Stoma and Tejaswini (an assistant of Swami Veda) started everyday by guiding us through some relaxation exercises and then Swami Veda instructed us on proper breathing and posture in order to facilitate meditation. We had class 6 hours a day (with a break for lunch) for 4 days straight and it was the most powerful thing I have ever done. I felt so disappointed when it was over. I have had so many thoughts (some of which I have posted) throughout the year and the relaxation sessions along with the lectures from Swami Veda put so many things into perspective. I also received some encouraging news from the Peace Studies director regarding my thesis and I am confident that I will have it finished (thus GRADUATING!!) in January, 2008. I really feel so blessed to have had this and many opportunities and I am learning not to question “privilege” so much and to accept that the path that I am on is the right one and everything is happening for a reason; so that I can fulfill my purpose in this life before I move on to another.

Of course since I am not CONTROLLING my life anymore, I make tentative plans knowing that they may (and probably will) change at any time. My current plan is to go on to Native Spirit Camp in Sept. after this program and stay there until January and then after graduation, I want to head to India to visit Swami Veda’s Center there. I may have a few leads on NGO’s jobs in India as well, but I am not even going to think about that yet…it’s still 5 months away. I’m taking things 1 day at a time. And tomorrow starts my first 3 days off since…who knows when AND my roommate will be gone so I am sooooo looking forward to some much needed “Melinda Time”.

Swami Veda Bharati

Swami Veda’s website - http://www.bindu.org/ and http://swamiveda.org/index.htm


Anonymous said...

WHOW horsey...you don't have to go to India to know this dudes presence. India? Anyway, sounds like a kickin' class!!!

Melinda said...

Well, mr/ms anonymous, There probably is a place where I can try to find Swami Veda's presence outside of India, but why would I want to try????

India's culture strives to seek a peaceful mind, body and spirit...something not easy to find in the vast majority of other countries (the one on my passport included).

Anonymous said...

okay, okay! All is good! Just be careful and enjoy it all! Indiana misses you! You know "india" is in the word "indiana!"

Melinda said...

hmmmm...never thought of that! maybe when I envisioned my future and India called to me I was too abrupt with my thoughts, maybe my mind was saying "goooo tooooo IndiaNA, ha ha...you never know... :-)