22 July, 2007

hiking to the lake

Today we had a day off and some of us took the opportunity to get away of the 'education environment'. First we went into town and bought alot of food so we can have a barbecue tomorrow. After we got back, we then decided to try to find a lake that we had heard was nearby. After about a 20 minute hike we came upon this small lake. It was so nice and I do have to say that the energy this year is much different than the last in respect to the students as a group. I know I have changed alot so that may have an influence on the dynamics but everyone is really getting to know everyone and I actually do not want to retire to my room every night.
This day was so much fun!

Andi trying to be the 'good student' bringing her homework with her, but hell she was the first one in the lake and I am pretty confident that she never even opened the thing!

This reminds me of 'Crystal Lake' where I used to go to with my sister during the summers when I was in my very influential years. I would swim and get sun burnt while Pam would hit on the lifeguards; it worked since I don't believe we ever paid to enter!

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Anonymous said...

Good! Remember that day when you are in the "bog" of it all, until the next day like that! Give 'em hell! Rach