14 July, 2007

Goodbye Spain...

I have left Spain. I say that with a bit of finality...I enjoyed my time there, but a part of me is finished with it. I did leave one large suitcase with friends there, so I will have to return some day to collect that, but for the time being I am just happy to be somewhere else. I love to travel in the sense that I like to be in other places...but when you use the word to mean the actual process of getting from one place to another, it takes on a new negative meaning for me.

Sometime in the past 5 years I stopped wanting to converse with people. I prefer to ignore complete strangers as if I can not hear. I actually would like to purchase a large hearing aid and then maybe people would completely ignore me as if I was deaf...maybe if I blacken out a tooth or two, it may have the same effect although I would have to actually speak first for them to notice it. of course, there is the random positive-energy-exuding-guapo that is most welcome into my personal space given then right environment, but that is such a rare occurence that if it happened I may be too surprised to speak.

After boarding 2 trains and then finally getting settled on the airplane in Barcelona (which had been delayed an hour) the pilot gave us the unfortunate news that we would be delayed another hour while we wait for our chance to take off. It seems that due to the extremely unorganized airport in Barcelona the pilot was ushered from one gate to another (the reason for the initial delay) and now because of that delay we had lost our landing slot in Vienna. The good thing was that I did not have a talkative traveler next to me, on the contrary, I did not have anyone in my row so I was free to stretch out and expand my comfort zone.
As the pilot told us about the delay he began to verbally 'trash' the airport stating that he hates to fly into Barcelona because something like this happens everytime. He went on further to say that the gate changes were due to the fact that some airport control workers did not show up to their job that day so the control tower was understaffed and then when the plane landed and started going to the gate they were informed that the staff that controls that initial gate were running late so the plane was ushered to another one. After briefly explaining this in English, he then switched to German and talked for over 10 minutes. Those who could understand him were rolling in their seats laughing. I guess he was able to really express his opinion about the airport in his native tongue. Although I could not understand him, I was laughing hard just watching the others around me laugh.

We finally were able to get off the ground and I took this photo as we were flying over St Tropez, France.

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