16 July, 2007

car trip

I arrived in Vienna to stay with my friend Andi for a day and then we planned to travel to Innsbruck together as she is in the masters program as well. Now it became a little tricky since she had just acquired a herniated disk in her back so she was in a bit of pain and worried about traveling 5 hours on a shaky train. After a little coercion we were able to convince her boyfriend to let us drive his company car to Innsbruck; the point being that she could lay in the backseat and we could stop when she needed to get out and walk/stretch.

We had 2 relaxing days hanging out and catching up on stuff and then we packed the car and headed to the highway. We hit construction about 2 hours into the trip and all cars were at a complete stand-still. Andi had brought a 'learn Spanish by singing' CD so we amused ourselves by learning the words and meaning to La Bomba and La Cucaracha. We finally were able to break free of the slow pace and zoom along once again...until we had to stop once again. This time it was an accident that was being cleared from the highway and we amused ourselves this time trying to see if there were any cute guys in the other vehicles (since people were getting out of their cars and walking around since there was no evidence of anyone moving any time soon).

We finally were on our way once again. In order to get to Innsbruck, we had to drive briefly though Germany. It was very evident when we reached the German motorway as the speed limit was non existent. Now I like to drive fast, but due to the fact that I was driving a car that I was not insured for and I had an injured passenger, I was content to drive at a safe fast speed. My 1st problem was that my safe fast speed was a little faster than some other drivers.

It's a well known fact that you drive in the right and only use the left lane for passing (a concept that is not really respected in the US). My 2nd problem occurred when I would have to pass a car. I would get into the right lane and excel a bit and then out of nowhere a car would be right on my ass! I would exclaim Schei├če! (to practice my German of course...) and then I would have to 'gun it' so get around the slower car and back into the right lane. I was quite happy to enter Austria again.

Well we made it to the Grillhof (7 hours later) which will be my residence for the next 8 weeks. Not a bad place to be during the summer huh?


Anonymous said...

Your "extreme car driving class" didn't come in handy on this trip? The picture is just awesome! Rach

Anonymous said...

Your "extreme car driving class" didn't come in handy on this trip? The picture is just awesome! Rach

Melinda said...

Well...the semester is just beginning!

Bev said...

What a beautiful picture!