30 June, 2007

train trash.

18-06-07 – More train stories…I really must quit listening to DemocracyNow.org podcasts on my Ipod while on the train! I find myself blurting out words out loud. I can’t really help it, when I hear uncaring unintelligent bullshit spurt out of brainless G.W’s mouth in an interview, anything, anything at all, I can’t help it but to comment “Oh PLEASE” or “You’re a *&@%#!! ass”. Then I jerk my head up surprised that real sound came out instead of just the noise in my head. Most of the time, no one is really paying attention to anyone else plus there are very few who would understand the English coming out of my mouth, so I am safe for now, but I really don’t want to be classified as one of those crazy ladies who spurts out obscenities here and there…

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