30 June, 2007


I am missing the hell out of the boys, since they left for the US a couple days ago...

                    • Who can I debate (for an entire cloudy day) why we can’t swim when the sun isn’t out?
                    • Who will join me in following an ant trail around the entire outside of the house?
                    • Who will want to exchange socks and then laugh at the silliness of how our feet look?
                    • Who will I watch Polar Express yet another time with?
                    • On who’s face will I see an exact imitation of one of my facial expressions?
                    • When will I again laugh until tears come to my eyes for no particular reason at all?
                    • Who will look at 100’s of photos of my family and friends and then ask to see them again?
                    • Who will lay on the sidewalk with me and watch a snail eat an entire honeysuckle flower?
                    • Who will try my patience one second and then say something so entirely sweet that I can’t help but smile?
                    • Who will patiently let me style their wet hair so they look “guapo”.
                    • Who will I watch the Simpson’s with?
                    • Who...


                    Anonymous said...

                    okay, you just love kids....dont' try to run from it!!! The boys look awesome! I'm sure mine WISH they could fill the void while those boys are gone!! Bye, Rach

                    Melinda said...

                    and I wish I could have them!