12 June, 2007

online access...

Well, since school is over in Vila Real, my english classes have diminished to only 3 hours a week, so I cannot get online but once a week here. For some reason I cannot access this blog site on Becky´s computer in Pucol, so I usually type¨thoughts¨ on my couputer, save them to my memory stick and then bring it to work and post here. This process is now not quite so easy.

A quick update though, while I have the opportunity.

June 27th - McKees leave for the US

June 27th - Where I will stay at this point is as of yet undetermined...

June 29th - Joao from Austin arrives!

June 30th - the ¨other¨Mckee adults are going to Tailand and I will stay in Valencia and watch their 2 children.

July 14th - The ¨other¨ Mckees return

July 14th - What I will do at this point is um..as of yet...undetermined

July 16th - Classes start in Austria

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