30 June, 2007

multi-tasking and loss

21-June-07 – Well it’s final! My online master’s course is over and I have turned in my 30 page thesis proposal. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I pretended it to be although it did cause me a bit of stress from time to time.

The last week has been spent doing what I do best…yes organizing and packing. The McKee’s had to decide what goes with them to San Diego and what will stay in Spain for storage incase they decide to come back in a year. It was like a “Clean Sweep” of the house, room by room deciding what goes, what is donated, and what is trash. 53+ boxes later and the house looks pretty empty. I ended up getting rid of about ¼ of my stuff as well. I came to Spain with a large suitcase, large duffle, my computer backpack and a smaller backpack. When I moved here from Castellon I had all the previous AND 2 more large backpacks and 3 boxes! Since I have no idea where I will be going in September and I have to take everything I own with me to Innsbruck, I realized that I just can’t (nor do I want) to have all this stuff. After the purging, I am now back to the original amount of stuff plus one large backpack. I will have to get rid of more clothes and books before Austria, because I can’t take everything I have on a plane or train.

One thing that happened is that I had a small box with all my mementos from the past year all neatly organized in a travel journal and this box also contained my other travel gear (locks, ziplock baggies, some foreign money (us and uk) binoculars and other things I can’t remember. I lost this precious box somewhere on one of my moves. It really sucked at first, but now I have gotten over it. It reminds me of the time a former jealous boyfriend destroyed my writing journal that I had kept since high school. THAT felt like the end of the world; as if someone had just destroyed ½ of my life. Over time I realized that the memories are still with me, although the feelings I had while in that moment in times is gone… The box I lost pales in comparison to that journal but I really would have liked to find it and have in my possession my souvenirs, but it is not going to happen, so life goes on…

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