30 June, 2007

bus adventure

19-June-07 – I got off the train from Vila Real to Pucol after teaching my one remaining English class. (This isn’t about a train, really! It’s actually about a bus…so read on.) All of my other classes are done for the summer and I only have a one-on-one class with Roberto twice a week. It really doesn’t make sense economically since the round trip train ticket costs almost 50% what I earn in that hour…but I am fulfilling my commitment and it’s only until the end of this month…anyway after catching the train, I arrived into the Pucol Renfe Station at 5:35 and the Urbanization bus called VIAZUL (or blue bus) wasn’t coming until 5:55 so I sat down and had a café. I then went outside at 5:50 to wait for the bus, as the last time the bus came 5 minutes early which I fortunately was ready for. I waited and waited and at 6:05 it still hadn’t come. The Municipal bus was supposed to come at 6:10, so I wasn’t too worried…

About a minute later the blue bus came tearing around the corner and would have zoomed right past the station had I not rushed and waved my hands in the air. I got on the bus and quickly sat down as the driver jammed it into gear and took off. He reached back and took my ticket, slammed on the brakes to stamp it and then handed it back as he tore off down the road through the city to the urbanization (or subdivision) that I live in. It was a crack up because he looked like a heftier version of Russell Crow. I would glance up as I hung on for life and then smile really big. As he was making up for lost time on his route he asked me where I was going and then bypassed two other streets in the neighborhood to get to my stop (which is the main stop) I couldn’t help but think of the possibly unfortunate person waiting at one of the stops he bypassed, hopefully he hit them (the stops not the people) on his way back out.

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