30 June, 2007


15-June-07 – There was a woman on the train that was so asleep that her mouth was open and I couldn’t stop looking at her and cracking up so hard. It’s like when you are talking to someone and they have a really big blemish on their forehead or something in their teeth and you can’t stop staring at it, or when there is a “creepy” guy staring at you and you don’t want to glance at him, but it’s almost impossible not to, although you keep telling yourself to stop.

I couldn’t stop looking at this lady and I was about 3 rows from her. I imagined what would have happened if I was sitting across from her. I probably would have had to move or I would have woke her with my laughter. No one else was laughing (that I could tell) and it made me wonder if I was the only one that found this otherwise formal looking lady with her mouth hanging open simply irresistibly hilarious.

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