21 May, 2007

THESIS Smesis 16-5-07

The fear is setting in…my thesis is making me freak out. Now I can “freak out” for different reasons and it usually only lasts for an hour or two and then I calm down and begin the task at hand or answer the door as my date arrives, what ever the case may be. This freaking out is a little different as I am in the early stages of writing and researching and if it’s happening already, I am scared of what lies ahead. My online class in Peace Studies is walking me through this never-before-experienced process. The first and second questions in which I was to write a 3-5 paper essay about, were relatively easy…”Who am I as an Author” and “What compels me to write about this topic”, which by the way is Global Obesity and the structural and cultural violence surrounding it. These 2 papers were basically all about me, a topic in which I am well versed. The 3rd “What is the problem” and 4th “How would you explain it to people” were a bit more challenging, but still within my capability without exerting much effort. Now the 5th paper is upon me and I guess Professor Josafina is getting down to business. I now have to answer “Which method will I use and why did I choose it” AND “how will I structure my materials: (i.e. – an outline). Draw up my outline and determine which method I will use in my research??… I don’t know do I want to do a case study? That would be great, but where and which culture/population. I will of course have to incorporate the US into the paper, because it is a face that the US culture of over consumption/over eating/un-nutritious foods is being thrust upon the rest of the world because the “American Dream” is no longer reachable for a vast number of immigrants, the “developing” world still thinks it’s doable; therefore they try to emulate our culture. It’s a sad occurrence.

An outline??…I guess that is the main problem…I don’t want to even start, that’s the problem with fear, it prevents you from doing things…although I know I will write my thesis, it’s the starting part that is at the moment freaking me out. But now I actually feel better and am determined to at least write down something, (besides on this blog) even if it is only the title…its due in a week, by the way…

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