04 May, 2007

sailing...day 6 (02/05/07)

Sleeping at 3AM. I couldn’t sleep because it was freezing and I didn’t have a blanket. I ended up listening to my Ipod (which now I can’t imagine how I lived without it!) and reading my Christmas present book “You can’t be neutral on a moving Train” by Howard Zinn, which is a “must read” for everyone!

The ferry was so huge! It has about 5 floors and there were about 5 semis and a lot of cars too. When we arrived in Denia, the others took a cab to Castellon, but since it was a long way away it was 60.00 each. R and I passed on the cab and took a bus from Denia to Valencia (9 euros), a bus to the train station (1.15) and then a train from Valencia to Castellon (4.00). We finally arrived at Robert’s house around 12:30. I cleaned up and then took the train to my new house in Pucol getting there around 3:30, and then worked until 9. I was exhausted but had trouble falling sleep from all the craziness from the past 24 hours. It was a great trip!

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