04 May, 2007

sailing...day 5 (01/05/07)

back in San Antoni Port….the plan was to sail back to Castellon around 5 AM on May 1st and arrive sometime that evening. Well, that morning bright and early the first team woke and got the boat ready to sail back, but the wind was really strong; had changed direction and was against us. By the time I got up at 7:30 it was decided that there was no way we could make it back to Castellon and we were headed back to Ibiza to see if the wind would change later that day. It took us 6 hours to get back to Ibiza and G decided to dock the boat at the port and we would all either fly or take the ferry back to Castellon. After looking at prices the ferry was the cheapest (by about 250.00), the only catch was that it was leaving at 2 AM the next morning. We spent the day in Ibiza, cleaning the boat and then after lunch everyone took a nap. I was not tired for some reason, so I found an internet café and got online for a little while, then got a snack and coffee at another café and read for awhile. I got back to the boat and the others were getting up and we went for a walk around one tip of the island and then P, D and I went to a small bar to have a drink and dinner. We took a taxi to the ferry, which was on the other side of Ibiza and got on for the 5 hour boat ride to Denia.

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