04 May, 2007

sailing...day 2 (28/04/07)

April around 7:30 the next morning – no land yet!

The first night it started raining about 1 AM and the guys had to take turns going on deck to work. It was really windy and stormy. Luckily I am not trained in sailing (nor in understanding frantic Spanish) so I was exempt from helping and spent the night warm and dry down below. This is a shot of the guys’ clothes from the night before as they dried out. They had to change every time they switched shifts; even though they had “waterproof” gear on over their clothes, they still got completely soaked in minutes while on deck.

Land and the finish line in sight around 11 AM (roughly 19 hours later)!

B and I the next morning while we were docked in the port in the town of San Antoni on the Island of Ibiza

the 2nd night and we were still docked on Ibiza. It was a beautiful clear night and almost a full moon.

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