04 May, 2007

sailing...day 1 (27/04/07)

I was invited to sail in a race beginning in Castellon finishing on the island of Ibiza. There were 7 of us on the boat and the race began around 16:00, on Friday, April 27th.

With the land far behind us, we still had a long way to go. It was really peaceful and relaxing and luckily I didn’t get sick although I have never sailed that long before. (20:00)

Bringing up dinner the first night on the boat (21:00)

Around 23:00, boredom started setting in…It was completely black with only the moon to light the sky. Q had a flashlight and was shinning it at his face making eerie noises and when I got in the photo, the flash lit us both up and unfortunately the photo came out too clear!

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