01 June, 2007

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I am back with the McKee’s for a few days and I was able to meet Becky´s family from the US who are in town visiting from ¨coincidentally¨ Austin. We had fun talking about all the places we both know. Her half-sister, ¨coincidentally¨ lives in KS, in the same city where my first nanny job was and where I went to Johnson County Community College for a year..again more reminiscing.

Susie from KS is a dietitian/nutritionist and was thrilled to read about my thesis (well...so she said, but she may have just been being nice, since I know KS people and they tend to be REALLY NICE and accommodating) She did read it all though and listened to me go on and on about my thoughts and gave me great information (websites, books and her experience working in a hospital treating obese patients) which I may need in regards to statistics/research for my thesis.

…and then Charlie told me that his sister is coming into town for a few days and lo and behold, she works for the World Bank (and formerly worked for USAID) and probably has really good information, insight and contacts....and surely one of them could possibly help me in my near future job search. I am not counting my chickens before they hatch, but the way things are “falling into place” I am not not counting them… I will go with the flow and what happens happens. It is very interesting living my life like this and really takes all the stress out of it. I wonder if lack of stress will make my grey hairs return to their nice shade of brown?? hmmm....I won’t hold my breath on that one.

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