01 June, 2007

dirty mind!

dreams…I am taking this “purpose in life” a little too far, or maybe I am just thinking about it too much. I had a dream the other night that I was shot right through my heart, but I didn’t die. (Some previous boyfriends would take that as proof that I did indeed “not have a heart”, but that is another story...)

In the dream I was walking around trying to figure out why I wasn’t dead because all the other people the guy shot were dead, (except my dream sister who wasn’t portrayed by one of my real sisters, luckily). My dream sister and I were discussing why we weren’t dead although we both had huge holes in our chests and you could see through them; we tried going to sleep but then were disappointed that we didn’t die while we were asleep. I finally figured out that we weren’t dead because we had “unfinished business” to do. Our purpose in life wasn’t fulfilled and we couldn’t die until it was, so we had to walk around like ghosts trying to find our purpose in life.

We then found others who were “ghosts” at this house where there was music playing. I persuaded a shy 17 year old “ghost boy” to dance with me....and then I woke up…which was good because I am not sure where that was headed and it would probably be illegal in the ghost world too.


Anonymous said...

that is really creepy. Maybe the "ghost guy" was the way to have a baby. heehee. RM

Melinda said...

ha ha, that´s all I need...a 17 year old as the father of my child!!!