26 May, 2007

Come on baby light my fire...

It's official, I am now a "cover girl"...my lifelong dream...(yeah right...)

I attended the Native Spirit camp in Austria in the summer of 06 during the Masters Peace Program, where I learned to make fire. As I stared at my hand-made warmth someone snapped a photo. Later I was asked if they could use the photo in their 2007 brochure in which 5000 copies are distributed through Austria, Germany and Switzerland. I always knew I would "make it big" in Europe!


Anonymous said...

okay that is too cool. How do I get a copy?

Melinda said...

Um...my suggestion would be to go to either Germany...Austria...or Switzerland! I have no idea how to get one especially since it's in German.
here's the link to the place though so you can view the whole PDF brochure and anonymously view it to your hearts desire: