16 April, 2007

what's in a smile

I was traveling on the train in kind of a blah mood; no reason, but I just didn't feel that great. I glimpsed the ticket taker man coming, so I got out my ticket and when I went to hand it to him, I realized this was a ticket taker man (TTM) that I see often and for what ever reason, he makes me smile everytime. Now, he's certainly no GQ young man, on the contrary he's probably in his 60's thin and completely normal looking, but he has this incredible positive energy that he exudes and when he smiled at me (just like he smiles at every other passenger...well those who have tickets, I suppose) I couldn't help but smile back, but like a really huge smile came over me and I almost laughed outloud! His smile became bigger and he checked my ticket and moved

I sat there like a dork with this silly smile on my face for the next 5 minutes until I came to Vila Real, and then all the way walking to work, I still couldn't get that grin off my face, but the funny thing was that as I passed people, most smiled back and that made me feel even better inside, since maybe I made their day a little brighter just like TTM made me feel.

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