16 April, 2007

moving soon

It's official, the MK's want me to move in with them to help with the boys! It will be a big adjustment living with a family again and loosing much of my privacy, but it really is the best thing to do at this time. I spent all morning today packing and getting really excited about the change. I don't know why I love change so much, but I can get so motivated when I know something different is around the corner.

I told R and he was really bummed but he understands the situation and the town I am moving to is only 30 minutes away by train, so we'll be able to get together often. I am really looking forward to the Austria program which will start in July. I'm doing the online course now and it's pretty reading intensive, so I will be able to be more involved in the course since my evenings will be spent in my room.

I will move in officially on the 1st of May, but I will probably be spending alot of time here until then. C is a sailor in the Americas Cup which is going on in Valencia, Spain at this time, so he is working alot so B can use the extra help now, plus they are moving in July back to the US, so there will be lots of packing in June, which I am ¨freakishly¨really looking forward to!

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