13 April, 2007


Because of my "enlightenment" over the past week, I am in need of a change...yes once again, change is necessary in my life (as if I haven't had enough in the past year). I am currently in Pucol with the family I nanny for on weekends. I feel really comfortable here and have read and studied more this past 3 days than I have in a month. Although my "new house" in Castellon is much better than the apt. I was renting, it really doesn't feel like "home". My room is great and the location is perfect for living in the city, but for some reason, I have not been able to "fit into my surroundings". I feel like I am living in someone else's space and that space has negative energy so here's my plan...

I haven't not asked the MK's if they want a live in helper although B has hinted of that on occasion AND I have not talked to R to see if he can find someone he would like to live with if I leave, but since I am a planner I have already figured out how I could make it work living in Pucol, working for the MK's and still teaching in Vila Real. The one thing I really had to focus on is whether I want to be a "nanny" again and I realize I could do it since it is only for 3 months. The MK's are so caring and giving and I feel totally comfortable around them, plus their house is big enough for me to have my own space, too.

Now I just have to ask B and C, talk to R and change one class in Vila Real. Simple huh??? I love change!

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