20 April, 2007

body burp...

Soren (age 3) was playing outside with his twin brother and I. He suddenly rushed to the sliding door leading into his bedroom and yelled that he needed to go to the bathroom (#2), so I told him to leave the door open and I would hear him call me if he needed any help.

a couple of minutes went by and I heard him yelling my name. I rushed into his bathroom and said what do you need...he was cracking up so hard and said ¨Melinda, did you hear my body burp¨? I looked confused and said, ¨Your what¨? He said ¨my body burp¨, (I then found out that a ¨body burp¨ is air realeased from your body, much like a burp, but that of which comes from your butt instead of your mouth...(a.k.a. fart)).

I said ¨Soren do you need any help or did you just call me to tell me about your body burp¨. He replied ¨I just wanted to tell you because it was really loud and funny¨.

People without children in their lives miss sooooo much...

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