08 February, 2007


I have started my exercise routine again...it's not like I'm in bad shape or anything, I just could get a little more toned. Cardiowise, I get plenty since on an average day I probably walk 3 or more accumulative miles (to and from the train station, work and errands), but direct muscle workout is something I have not done for about 4 months.

R and I started last week with my Ab DVD. It's about 15 minutes per workout so it's great to do when you only have a little time to devote to it. When H and I used to do the workout we would constantly make fun of the instructor "Tamilee". We would call her the most awful names and poke fun of her. I guess that was our way to get back at her because of the pain she induced on us. Usually R and I do the workout in silence without much talking. This morning however, right when the DVD started he said "you know I really hate this lady" I started cracking up! I wonder if Miss "I want that body" Tamilee realizes how many people criticize and dislike her while they are working out, ha ha

Today I got adventurous and decided to do the bun's workout as well as the Ab one. My legs now feel like jelly and when I got up a minute ago to get a drink of water, I about toppled because my legs are so overworked they wanted to give out on me! I am going to be hurting tomorrow, but I am going to see my friend Andi (who is in Spain now) and it's about a 20 minute walk to her flat. That will help stretch them out, but tomorrow I teach at PIO XII school with the little kids and it's very physical since to keep them interested I have to be very animated (like "BIG" and I jump up and down with my arms stretched out and then "SMALL" and I drop to the ground and scrunch up in a ball). I hope I will be able to get back up...maybe we'll just concentrate on small for the day. We definitely won't be working on "stand up" "sit down" because my quad's and buns will not be able to take another workout!


Pam said...

I have that same Video Mindy. I may have told you about it.. Anyway I know exactly what you are talking about. The abs are easy for me now but OMG those legs excercises make we bitch at her also. I hate when I start her routine and then stop because I know starting again will hurt soooo bad!!!
The walk will do you good even if it hurts. Just remember I will be giggling at you every time you bitch at her.

Melinda said...

yeah, actually I should be angry at you Pam, since you are the one who told me about the DVD. It's Sunday and I am still hurting!!!!!!