12 February, 2007


I am pissed! the day started out normal...I was studying my Spanish (for a change) in the living room, and the door bell rang. I answered it and there was a little Spanish man and he told me that there was water running from our balcony...I thought shit! why? He pointed towards the kitchen. we went in and I opened the laundry room door and saw that it was flooded. The laundry room is off the kitchen and is kind of like a screened in porch (for lack of a better way to describe it).

There are holes that allow water (if flooded) to pour out of the room and onto the street below. Well we are on the 4th floor, so the water was streaming out of the holes directly onto a store front below us. The water was coming from the washing machine which was leaking. I do not know how it transpired but somehow the old man was contacted because he is the brother of our landlady and he lives in the same building as me.

Our landlady then came over and she is so sweet and nice. The problem with me began when I realized the the kitchen looked like a pig pen. I have stayed out of that room today (except for a brief dash in to fill my coffee cup), because I knew if I went in there I would not be able to stand the disgusting mess and then I would clean it (I was hoping one of my roommates would take the innitiative). So when Carmen and I walked thought the kitchen to get to the laundry room I cringed. Then when she looked at the washer she opened this little compartment at the bottom of the washer and asked me to unscrew this knob. When I did so, out came the lint trap! I had not known that it was there!! It was totally corroded with...um...lint...so as Carmen was cleaning it she was muttering to herself. My Spanish is not that great, but I do know "muy sucio" means "very dirty". The other words probably meant "these tenants are the dirtiest people I have ever met in my life, pigs pigs pigs.".

I told her I was sorry and then replaced the trap. She then said she would have someone come fix the hose which was the problem (it had a cut in it). As she passed by RM#3's bedroom she commented as to why his mattress was on the floor and not on the bedframe. Of all days, to forget to close the door leading to that little pig's pen! I told her that he had broken a thingy that held the mattress up. She asked to see it, which made me cringe again since the bar thingy was in our storage closet which is completely full of shit! I managed to open the door to the closet and step inside and close the door before turning on the light. Once in there (it's a BIG closet) I moved shit around until I found the bar and brought it out (turning off the light before I stepped out). She looked at it and after another deep sigh (which doesn't need translation in any language) said she would have someone fix it and took it with her and left.

I am so humiliated, which I shouldn't be, but since I pride myself on cleanliness and just taking care of things, it really hurt my pride to have someone see the place in the state it was in. The one good thing is that RM#3 had cleaned the small bathroom so when Carmen went in there to look at the tile (that mysteriously fell off the wall when RM#1 was in there a couple weeks ago) at least that room was clean.

okay, that off my chest, now back to Spanish....I have to learn how to apologize profusely over and over.

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