31 January, 2007

so many thoughts in my head..

A psychic once told me that I should write down everything! Write, write, write is what her exact words were. My sister has also told me that I should write down all my experiences...the problem is that my best thoughts come when I am walking to and from the train station, to and from work, etc. The times I am not able to write down things...I thought about a small tape recorder but then I don't want to look like a weirdo talking into a microphone while I am on the train!

Maybe the thoughts are so rampant in my mind because I am listening, reading and researching so many topics. There are so many things that interest me and while I am walking I only have time to think...to think about things, to think about people, to think about my future, to think about life.

I know that I need to write them down, but so many times I forget the thoughts when I get to a place where I can write them down. When I read, I have become accustomed to highlighting and jotting down notes, but I can't do that when I am talking to a person, or when a thought enters my head at random times. Actually I guess I could, but I will have to program myself to do it...

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