31 January, 2007

so many thoughts in my head..

A psychic once told me that I should write down everything! Write, write, write is what her exact words were. My sister has also told me that I should write down all my experiences...the problem is that my best thoughts come when I am walking to and from the train station, to and from work, etc. The times I am not able to write down things...I thought about a small tape recorder but then I don't want to look like a weirdo talking into a microphone while I am on the train!

Maybe the thoughts are so rampant in my mind because I am listening, reading and researching so many topics. There are so many things that interest me and while I am walking I only have time to think...to think about things, to think about people, to think about my future, to think about life.

I know that I need to write them down, but so many times I forget the thoughts when I get to a place where I can write them down. When I read, I have become accustomed to highlighting and jotting down notes, but I can't do that when I am talking to a person, or when a thought enters my head at random times. Actually I guess I could, but I will have to program myself to do it...

24 January, 2007

Holiday Adventures

The holidays in Kansas went by like a tornado! I can't believe 2 weeks can pass by so fast. There were many things I didn't get accomplished and some people I really wanted to see, but it just didn't happen. One thing that I did do was to reconnect with 2 families that I have not had contact with for many years. It was wonderful!

The D's were a family that I nannied for when I was 21. I took care of their two children for 2 ½ years (when I started, C1 was 6 and C2 was a newborn). Of course they are now 22 and 17! C1 lives in Florida so I wasn't able to see her but I visited with C2 and his mom for hours. The cool thing was that although C2 is a teenager (and really doesn't remember me) we reminisced and got caught up on happenings over the years. It was really fun for us to talk about all the little silly things that he did in his early years...well, fun for D and I, but Cooper wasn't completely thrilled since he doesn't remember it.

I worked for the G's during my nanny internship (after nanny school). At the time they had 5 children, ranging in age from an infant to around 10 years. I worked for them for 6 weeks and in that time developed a stronger desire to make a professional career out of taking care of children. After my internship, I moved to Kansas city and then back to Wichita a year later. When I returned and started working for the D's, I babysat for the G's every Tuesday night for a couple of years, until I moved to Hawaii. My visit with the G's in December was such an emotional rollercoaster ride. I was apprenhensive before the visit, because I haven't seen them in over 17 years and they have recently experienced lifechanging events. G, the oldest is now an angel who's spirit has replaced her physical body and she now is a part of everyone whose lives she has touched over the years. G's spirit now pushes me to keep in contact with those who have a special place in my heart for one reason or another. At first I was disappointed that I did not know her as an adult, but through her family, I have been able to envision the wonderful loving live that she led and I also found out that she choose to be a Nanny! She was able to touch many lives and instill her love, patience and energy on whatever child she came in contact with! What better impact in the world can you make than to touch the life of a child.

I later felt silly for feeling apprenhensive towards my upcoming visit because upon entering the household, I immediately felt at home. The positive energy hit me like a tidal-wave and although the kids are grown it did not feel like 17 (or more) years had passed. The love this family exudes is powerful and immediate. I believe I could have sat in the former "Parlor" currently "master bedroom" for days and not been tired and certainly not bored. R and his girlfriend, M's, delicious dinner was a wonderful addition to the evening. Knowing that the "Mindy award" is still a part of their life was a great and honorable surprise! I left that evening with a feeling of immense satisfaction and cried bittersweet tears on the long drive home.

I now feel the enormous physical distance between me and my "families", but the emotional distance is non-existent. I had a dream about the G's the other night and after giving them all big hugs, I woke to an energized feeling to start my day!

I am focused on being happy in my life. Life is short and during my time on this planet, I must strive to realize why I am here.

Feliz Navidad

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