09 December, 2006

a witch, a rabbit and a lemon (part 1)

The absolute weirdest thing happened in our flat....I got home from work and opened the fridge and saw something wrapped in a plastic bag on a plate. I thought gross, my roommate must be cooking meat tonight. I then forgot about it and proceeded to do what ever I do in the evenings.

When we all sat down to dinner that night, I asked "What dead animal is in our fridge". (since it wasn't on the table). B replied, you mean you don't know? Why don't you tell her, Mn? Mn then reluctantly proceeded to tell me about the little ole spanish lady who had come to our door earlier in the evening and handed him a bag full of something heavy and then another lighter bag. She was talking to him in Spanish and instead of admiting that he understood not a word (or calling his girlfriend, M who was in the other room and speaks fluent Spanish), he accepted the "gifts" and just said "Si, Gracias".

As we continued to eat M and B joined in explaining that in the first bag was a dead rabbit, completely skinned (head and all) except for the 4 feet. In the other bag was one lemon and some misc. plants. Upon close inspection the plants were not herbs, but a small twig with some leaves on it and a flowering plant, definitely not edible. Of course my first question was "why?" and the second was "who was the lady?" neither quesion could be answered. I then shook my head in disbelief...I said, You mean, you accepted a dead rabbit from a lady you didn´t know and just put it in our fridge? M kept saying that it still had its "shoes" on. (meaning the fur on the feet). By that time, we were all laughing uncontrollably and choking on our food. I then got a really serious look and turned to Mn and said that I think I know who she was. The room got silent and I said "Mn, did she have a tall pointy black hat and a broomstick"? We then broke down in hysterics again saying that the rabbit was cursed and when the sun goes down it will come alive and kill all the foreigners in the apartment...B said he was going to cook it the next day and I told him that he better do it while I was at work because I didn´t want to come home to "fatal attraction" in my kitchen.

I refused to look at the rabbit and when I went to bed that night I locked my bedroom door.

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